Thursday, November 15, 2007

YouTube Thursday: WGA Writers' Strike

I really hope the writers' strike doesn't continue, but if it does, I know why...

Of course the case can be made that digital can include a lot of things, but it also includes internet downloads, which is obviously being monetized through advertising.

Now what would be really interesting is if it does continue. Is America so addicted to TV that people would willingly watch reality shows, such as:
  • "Amne$ia" is a comedy game show in which contestants are challenged to answer questions from their own lives for money and prizes. Memories will be tested and blasts from the past will be revealed as contestants wrack their brains to answer some of the most challenging questions -- often with hilarious results. Dennis Miller is the host.
  • "My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad" is a competition series that will finally prove the familiar schoolyard boast -- "My dad is better than your dad!" Dads will be at the forefront of the action competing with their families in a series of unique stunt-driven challenges.
  • "Clash of the Choirs" takes celebrity artists back to their hometowns to assemble an amateur singing group made up of everyday people. Once the best have been selected and the choirs assembled, they will compete live.
  • "Baby Borrowers" is a new alternative series that asks five young couples -- ages 16 to 19 -- to set up a home and begin fast-tracking on parenthood by becoming caring parents first to a baby, then a toddler, pre-teen and grandparents -- all over the course of one month.
And that's just on NBC.

Addendum: Not the Daily Show...

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Jennifer Thompson said...

"Clash of the Choirs"? Are you kidding me?

Things I've pondered lately:

- I won't really miss Grey's Anatomy anyway. (That's not due to the writer's strike. That's due to me being unable to Tivo it and The Office at the same time, and eventually realizing I didn't really care about Grey's anyway.) I do miss me some Bailey, though.
- I'll be really sad if Pushing Daisies gets hurt because of the strike, even if I do support the writers. (And some other shows, but PD is new and more susceptible, I think.)
- Books are good.

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