Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Connor Feeding Himself

Well, it's more like getting the food in the general vicinity of his mouth.

And what would a momentous time like this be without video...

In other news, Kinsey has her first loose tooth. It wiggles around quite a bit and she's very impressed with it. I'll be VERY interested in her reaction when it comes out. I remember losing one of my first teeth in first grade. I bit into an apple and after I had swallowed, I realized the tooth was gone and I freaked out because I thought I had swallowed it. I was very upset at the possibility of losing the quarter I was sure to get that night as well as the possibility of the tooth growing in my stomach. Thankfully it was stuck in the apple and I got the quarter last night as well as no gastrointestinal enamel issues.

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