Tuesday, November 06, 2007

All Pictures Post

Halloween and other various and sundry pics.

Connor after a successful candy collection.

I love Halloween like Connor loves suckers.

With my mom and dad.

At Sheryl's mom and dad's

This might have to become a desktop picture.

This might become blackmail later.

Where else would he gets the good looks?

Kinsey chilling out after school.

Kinsey and a friend from school having a playdate on Saturday.

A candid from last night.

Check out those cheeks.

One of those two needs a haircut.

A candid that Kinsey took of Connor.

A candid Kinsey took of herself.

This one is definitely blackmail for a later date.


Jennifer Thompson said...

Love the first one. Too cool for school.

That last one: Very Blair Witch. Have you been letting Kinsey watch horror movies? :)

malia said...

"Where else would he gets the good looks?"

From his mother.

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