Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How Old is He?

Connor is reaching that age for me where monthly increments no longer work. It's weird how we tell people kids' ages. For about the first 2 weeks, days are the norm. After that, for about 3 months, it becomes weeks; and then at 3 months, it becomes months. And then, at about 12 months, I personally break it into 3 months intervals (12, 15, 18), and after that, I'm all about the six month interval (18, 24), and then it's years.

Sheryl and I talked a little about this on our trip and she still likes doing monthly increments up to 24 because they still change so much developmentally in that time. My thought is that it's too freaking hard to remember where we are in the month in relation to the birthday and then how long ago he was born. Too much brain power.

So if you ask me today how old Connor is, I'll say "almost 18 months." After Friday, "18 months." And then I'll possibly go to the "He'll be 2 at the end of May."

For those of you with kids around this age, how do you tell people how old they are?


gavin richardson said...

tell people he's 21.. see what reaction you get. could be fun. &:~D

Christy said...

Since October I have been telling people that Baylor will be 2 in January. It does get hard and even confusing sometimes. Now we'll stick with the years and half years. Christian is proud to tell you that when Baylor is 2 HE'LL be 4 and a 1/2.

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