Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Heroes Wednesday: Truth & Consequences

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I've learned to stop asking some questions.

For instance, what kind of babysitter would let someone in that he or she had never seen before and leave them with a sleeping child? Or why doesn't Peter just read Adam's mind and find out the truth about why he wants the virus? Or... Or...

Well, anyway, I've stopped asking those nagging questions of character and plot continuity.

All of the heroes are starting to get reconnected in the plot lines. Sylar fulfills one of his apparent requirements for being back on the show and knocks off Alejandro while almost completely corrupting Maya. He's still being a little over the top for my tastes, but there you have it. And beyond the whole worst-babysitter-in-the-world scenario, having him in Mohinder's apartment with Molly was pretty creepy.

I really liked how Hiro was using his power in this ep. He obviously learned from his time in Japan that messing with history could have dire consequences (although couldn't one argue that messing with history made it happen the way it was supposed to happen?) as well as from his father. Using the power to observe rather than affect is pretty cool, as well as the call back to last season where time stops everyone except Peter.

Hayden Pantierre is a great actress, but even she couldn't sell the awful lines about how losing her dad hurts more than falling from 20 stories. And how much time passed between the end of the last episode and this one? Wouldn't Claire or her mom have questioned how Bob got the body cremated so quickly? But again, there's those darn questions that I'm not asking anymore!

The deal with Micah and his cousin is interesting just for the fact of seeing a hero dress up in a "costume" to do good deeds, but seriously, Monica didn't KNOW that Superman wore glasses to have a secret identity. Firstly, the glasses are about the worst disguise ever, but there are people that don't know about Superman/Clark Kent?

Peter/Adam/Victoria was pretty interesting too, except for Peter's not looking into Adam's head. Obviously we're getting set up for something big there in Odessa.

Next week should be interesting and I hope we get to see Nathan and Parkman back in the mix again. Nathan's been in Ireland for too long and I want to see the ramifications of Matt going into Mama Petrelli's head.

This week's score: B- Too many characters had to act stupid to move the plot along and that's just dumb.


Adam said...

I'm glad you thought that dialogue was as bad as I did. Wow.

Rob Cox said...

Maybe some of the writers thought the strike started a little earlier than it really did :)

gavin richardson said...

i was kinda ready for something to come to a close. even a little something.

affirm a bunch of your thoughts. why is sylar trying to hook up with maya.. it didn't seem that necessary. they also made some great time across the states. texas alone would have taken three episodes to travel.

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