Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Heroes Wednesday: Four Months Ago

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Well, for what this episode did, I thought it did it well, if you don't think about timing too much. I understood why this ep didn't have HRG and the Bennetts in it. We know where they were. I was disappointed that Mohinder and Matt weren't in it. How did Matt survive the bullets Sylar put in him? Why did Mohinder and Matt decide to play "My Two Dads" with Molly? But I also understand that there's a lot of plot to get into this one, including the twinzzzzzzzzzz.....

Anyway, I thought the explanation for why Peter couldn't fly when he was exploding was a good one, as well as that he regenerated quickly enough to get Nathan to the hospital. I actually enjoyed Kristen Bell as Elle this week as well. I thought she really played that sociopathic flirt (two words I don't think I've ever written together like that before) very well, with just a hint of pathos as well. Unless of course that was meant to manipulate Peter as well.

The plot with Monroe is very interesting too because we know about his past, but I wonder how much he told Peter and how much of it was true. It will be very interesting to see them work together over the next... 3 episodes I guess.

I thought the Niki/Jessica stuff was really well done, except for DL's death. I don't know if Kring is trying to show that even heroes can't escape random violence or what, but that just seemed really anticlimactic. I think Ali Larter is really showing herself to be a great actress in how easily she slipped from Niki to Gina and really embodied that personality. They also did a great job in portraying how someone would react to psychotropic drugs and going off them.

Maya and Alejandro? If I cared about them, this story line might have been interesting. But it's not.

So questions... we didn't really get an explanation about the irradiated version of himself that Nathan keeps seeing in the mirror. Is it a Niki like personality? Is it supposed to be a metaphor for the guilt he feels about Peter? If it's the latter, I really think the show has done a bad job of communicating that. Also, we didn't hear officially why Nathan resigned from Congress, as well as the Matt/Mohinder stuff from above. We also didn't find out how Sylar escaped from Kirby Plaza which really disappointed me.

My grade: B Not as good as last week's episode, but not bad like the earlier ones. The show appears to be getting its feet back underneath it, just in time for the writers' strike to kill it.


Clarissa said...

Just when have you had accasion to write "sociopathic flirt" in any way?

Has the show ever said Nathan DID resign? They would have had to fill his seat due to his incapacitation, I would think.


Clarissa said...


malia said...

There really needs to be a "Four Months Ago" part B. Especially because the Sylar questions need to answered.

About the twinzzzz...I keep thinking (hoping, sort of) that there is something more to their story and the overall story because they (Kring) wasted too much time explaining their rather boring and anti-climatic backstory in this episode. I think that maybe just maybe Maya's "black death" has something to do with what Peter saw while he was in the future. But then again...maybe not.

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