Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Heroes Wednesday: Cautionary Tales

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Well, here's where the fun starts. All in all, a very good episode. Lots of fun with some "OMG! I can't believe they just did that!" moments, and then there were moments where I think the continuity fairy was taking a smoke break.

Easy stuff first:

Parkman: This is where it seems like Matt is becoming both like his father and the morally dark character in Five Years Gone. It's obvious that he stripped the name of the woman in the picture from Angela Petrelli, even though she begged him not to. I'll be interested in how this develops out.

Hiro: First it wasn't a surprise that Kenzei/Munroe was Kaito Nakamura's killer. I thought possible West because of the flying or even Nathan, but with his vengeance to be exacted against Hiro and no body being found on the ground that all made sense. I also like how we're starting to see a more mature Hiro who accepts his powers, as well as the necessary limitations. I think the line that Kaito said, that they have the powers of gods, but that doesn't mean they can play God is the defining line between his ideology and the Company's.

HRG/Claire and everyone else, including stupid, pretty Mohinder:
Man, was this whole storyline fun. But it's also where the continuity fairy took her smoke break. For instance, why didn't HRG and West not keep Elle wet when they were handing her off? She could have escaped at any point. I guess the looking-good-at-the-beach fairy won that street fight. And secondly, the painting of Mohinder showed the gun smoking and it wasn't in the fulfillment. Plus, when did Isaac paint these? After he met HRG? Before? Wouldn't he have mentioned them? Oh wait, I'm thinking too much about the show...

Anyway, I thought everything about HRG was really bad ass in this episode. I really thought he would have shot Mohinder if West hadn't been there and would have shot Bob if Mohinder hadn't shot him. I'll admit I was caught completely off guard by that. I didn't expect it to happen right then and I sure as heck didn't expect HRG to be resurrected. Now, we could say that on one hand, it cheapens HRG's death because he got brought back, but that is thinking too deeply about it. On one hand, it's just cool that he got the Holy Sh-- moment like Claire did last season. For another thing, it raises some interesting questions, like where is he? Who brought him back?

Here are the three theories I have:

1) At the Company; Bob resurrected him with Claire's blood.
2) Somewhere else (it looked awfully dirty and not company like) because Mohinder took him there and resurrected him as he and Bennett had always planned to do.

3) somewhere else because Munroe/Kenzei resurrected him as another ally against the Company. I think that one is the least likely.

Oh and just for good measure, a cool pic of HRG...

With all that said, I'm going to have to give this episode an A. It was very good, kept me on the edge of my seat and had a great great ending. Looking forward to next week as well...

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gavin richardson said...

i wasn't too thrilled about bringing him back to life by the end of the episode.. maybe next episode.. the rest was kinda predictable. i also thought about claire's being held together with duct tape at the beach, only able to do something when she was released. oh well, artsy license.

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