Monday, November 19, 2007

R and R

On Friday, I took a half day from work and Sheryl and I headed down to North Georgia. This was a no kids weekend. Her parents watched the kids for us. We took some movies, we took some books, and we took off.

And it was wonderful.

Obviously we love our kids, as almost every parent does. But there are times that we just have to get away and instead of being Kinsey and Connor's mommy and daddy, we have to get back to being Phil and Sheryl. It was so therapeutic. We slept in both days and Sheryl cooked a great breakfast. We spent all day Saturday reading or napping (or me in the van listening to the end of the Vandy-UT game). We watched Ocean's 13 and Evan Almighty and True Lies (great, not as good as the first one, but better than the second; good, not as many laughs as Bruce; very funny but slightly misogynistic as well, respectively). I read Stephen Lawhead's new book Scarlet (wonderful, and I'm sad I have to wait for 2009 for the next installment; I might write some more about this series later) and we ate at a little cafe called Shoebooties in Murphy, NC. It was basically a mini-retreat for us and we thoroughly enjoyed it. And while we're always happy to get back to our family and our house, it's this kind of thing that re-invigorates you for the wonderful work of parenting.

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Christy said...

AMEN...we all need times like that!

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