Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

This year, I was privileged again to help organize the 45th annual Thanksgiving service at Otter Creek Church of Christ. In previous years, I spoke myself and this year I decided that 1) I was tired of hearing myself talk and 2) because of that other people probably were too.

So I asked some others to talk and tell what Thanksgiving means to them. John Rucker was first. He's 90 something years old and has been at Otter Creek for many, many years. He talked about the first Thanksgiving and how much he is thankful for in his long life. It was great to have his perspective on things.

Next was Tiffany Fox a great friend of ours. She talked about the people that she is thankful for. It's been a year with some struggles, but she did a great job talking about how the people around her have been not just the hands and feet of Jesus, but the arms that hug and the tears that cry with her. It was a powerful time.

Just as powerful was Trina Frierson. Trina runs Mending Hearts, which I've talked about before. And she didn't just testify, she didn't just witness. She preached. She talked about how the work of Doug Sanders has helped them so much, not just in their physical needs, but also spiritual, and to show the women that there are good men in the world, not just the ones that have abused or taken advantage of them. It was incredible.

Last was my own sweet Kinsey. And honestly, this went much better in rehearsal than it did in practice. But Kinsey put her own stamp on things and acted like a very typical six year old.

All in all, I thought it was a good morning and I hope that we can keep doing the testimony kind of thing for future Thanksgiving services. Thanks to all of you who were there yesterday.


Compassioninpolitics said...

who can I contact to get on the blogdigger group for church of christ?

sorry i couldn't find you email in your about file.

nathan_debate [at]

Amy said...

Thanks for pointing us to Mending Hearts - I had not heard of this ministry before. Wow.

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