Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trip Recap

So just for a quick recap of the trip (Google Maps link)

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Sunday, May 25: leave church drive to Kansas City, KS - 558 miles
Monday, May 26: Spend day in KC. See Prince Caspian, go to zoo
Tuesday, May 27: Drive to De Smet, SD - 454 miles
Wednesday, May 28 - Spend day in De Smet, do the Laura Ingalls tour, visit the homestead Part 1 Part 2
Thursday, May 29 - Drive to Hill City, SD; en route, visit the Badlands - 372 miles
Friday, May 30 - Do the 1880 Train and Bear Country USA
Saturday, May 31 - Custer State Park and Mount Rushmore
Sunday, June 1 - Did free stuff around Rapid City, SD that we didn't take any pictures of
Monday, June 2 - Drive from Hill City, SD, to Independence, MO - 741 miles
Tuesday, June 3 - Drive Independence, MO, to Nashville - 546 miles

Total miles driven: 2,672, which doesn't count the local driving we did, so probably closer to 3,000 miles

Yes, we did the whole trip back in two days. In the 36 hours from 7 am Monday to 7 pm Tuesday, we drove 22 hours. And we thanked God for a portable DVD player for the kids (mainly Kinsey) to watch.

It really was a fun trip and the kids did very well over all. We got some great pictures and some wonderful memories that I know at least Kinsey will have. And now, back to the first full week of work in 3 weeks... yay...

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Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

Sheesh, That's a lot of driving.

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