Thursday, June 05, 2008

South Dakota Trip: 1880 Train and a Happy Birthday

Sorry for the lack of updates since last week. Once we got to the Mount Rushmore area, my motivation for updating became less for some reason. At any rate, pictures below, but first I want to wish my sweet now-7-year-old Kinsey a very happy birthday. We all just had a really good time out in South Dakota and while it's very easy to remember the pit in my stomach when Sheryl and I went to the hospital at midnight and Sheryl was induced into labor, it's hard to imagine that it's been 7 years since then. Happy birthday, sweetie.

Back to SD. On the first day that we arrived, we indulged in Connor's "Choo-Choo!!" obsession and boarded the 1880 Train in Hill City. It's an authentic train that follows a rail from Hill City to Keystone and back again and we had a lot of fun doing that and seeing the countryside. It was a good break before doing all the Mount Rushmore stuff.

Going around a curve with a good look at the two engines pulling us that morning.

Another cool shot

I love this view of the train and the mountains behind.

Some horses running in a field beside the train.

The green engine that pulled us, switching sides of the train to take us back to Hill City.

The 1919 engine (used in movies and TV) to take us back to Hill City

Connor holding up "Ruff-Ruff" for his picture.

The Wilsons

Tomorrow, Bear Country USA, which sounds lame, but was actually really cool.

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