Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kinsey's Party Pics

Friday night, we had a combined birthday party for Kinsey and her cousin, Katie. Thankfully, the rain held off and we were able to keep 30 7- and 4-year-olds occupied. A big part of keeping them occupied was Safari Greg. Safari Greg has animals, does magic, and tells jokes, and really what else do you need. He did a great, great job and was able to teach the kids about the animals as well. He brought out a king snake, a leopard tortoise, a ferret, a cayman (miniature alligator), and a 12-foot-long Burmese python. He did a great job and kept all of those kids occupied and laughing for a full hour. It was a really great party.

Kinsey reacting to the king snake.

Connor touching the cayman.

The 12-foot Burmese python

Connor touching the Burmese python.

Kinsey with the python, but not happy about it.

Kinsey, behind her cake.

Kinsey blowing out her candles.

On Saturday, we headed back to Mom and Dad's (where the party was), since there was family in town and Connor got to play with my uncles David and Bill. I think all 3 had a really great time.

Connor playing with Bill and David

A more "artistic" picture I tried to take... Didn't turn out as well as I hoped.

The kiddos.
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