Monday, June 23, 2008

Kinsey Baseball

Those of you long time readers of this blog will remember that last year, we signed Kinsey up to play baseball. She wasn't very good, but she had so much fun and loved playing with her coach so much that we signed her up again. And again this year, she doesn't have a ton of skill. She's the only girl on the team, but doesn't mind that at all. Much like last year, the ball has to be hit into a 1-foot radius of her for her to try to field it, whereas for the boys, if a ball is hit to left field, there's a good chance that the first baseman will run after it. I asked her about this and she said, "Why should I get it when the boys are going to fight over it?" Which doesn't exactly go along with the spirit of the game, but the logic is had to argue with. She's a pretty good hitter and loves running the bases. But she has so much fun with it that why would we stop her? Anyway, this is the last week of her games (bringing a very busy June to a close), so here are some pictures.

She hits it!

See! I told you she'd hit it!

Kinsey with the boys.

I'm pretty sure that boy is just taking off his helmet and not trying to hit her. Otherwise, I think Kinsey's team would take to her defense. But she scores anyway.

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Keith Brenton said...

Here's to the girl who will avoid cranial injuries by her wit and wisdom!

preacherman said...

Great pics.
It is great fun watching the kids play.
They have so much fun and have a pure love for the sport. I love watching my boys play T-ball. I can't wait to see him next year in mechine pitch.

Elizabeth S said...

LOVE the pink helmet!

amanda said...

way to hang in there with the boys!
she makes her own statement with the pink cleats, glove, and helmet! and her logic on fielding may not be the most assertive viewpoint, but she's definitely thought it out!

belinda said...

Way to go! In 1985, my daughter was the first GIRL to sign up to play t-ball in Limestone County. In fact, she was the only girl to play that year. It began to catch on and the next year, they had a separate league for the girls. Probably because the boys were afraid the girls would outshine them. hahaha

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