Wednesday, May 28, 2008

De Smet, South Dakota

Our adventures have brought us to eastern South Dakota. Yesterday it was cold, 40s when we got here and rainy with a little sleet. Today, I could see why someone would move and stay here. It was completely gorgeous by the afternoon and in the low 70s.

I'm on limited computer time, so here's the pictures. More tomorrow.

Entering De Smet

Help, I'm lost in grass at Lake Thompson

If you look real closely, you can see me on the rail, here at the Surveyor's House.

Being tossed in the air in front of the school Laura and Carrie attended.

You're welcome as long as you don't use a knife to pin pig tails to the desk.

Hanging out at the house that Pa built.

Perched on top of the site of the Ingalls Homestead

Yikes, put me in a crust and I'd be a cow pie.

It was dangerous to let me drive.
Kinsey driving the horses.

Me and Connor driving the horses.

An exact replica of the Ingalls homestead.

The path up to the Ingalls Memorial through the cottonwoods that Pa planted.

Looking across Big Slough toward De Smet that the Ingalls had to walk to get to town.


judy thomas said...

What fun it is! So glad you rode in the wagon--now that's a lesson in how we have progressed.

C D said...

Huge HUGE fan of Little House books... read them over and over... and even re-read "These Happy Golden Years" a few years ago!

Thank you for sharing your journey, I'm so glad to be virtually along!!

fabricsnob said...

love the photos! Love K's bonnet. Glad y'all are having fun!

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