Monday, June 16, 2008

12 Years

Yesterday, Sheryl and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. It was filled with exciting things like church, lunch with family and friends for Father's Day, mowing the yard, small group, and catching fireflies with Kinsey and Connor as the sun set and watching bats fly over our yard.

Twelve years is how long my mom and (bio)dad were married, so this one has always kind of been a weird benchmark for me (not that Sheryl and I have ever contemplated divorce or separation). It was almost like I HAD to make it there and then... well, I don't really know what then. I don't know if that's a characteristic of children of divorce, but it's one of mine.

I've said before in all the other anniversary posts that I've done, that I'm really very blessed to be married to a woman like Sheryl and that I've changed for the better as a result of our life together. I can't imagine anyone I'd rather spend 12 hours in a van with, or that I would rather see the Badlands or the Scottish Highlands or Big Ben. Or rather crawl into bed with, at the end of a grueling day of kid-wrangling. And that to me makes for a Happy Anniversary.


preacherman said...

Congratulations brother.
May God bless your marriage in ways you never dreamed possible. Wonderful!!!

Elizabeth S said...

Happy Anniversary! We have our 12th coming up also; can't believe it. I read on Brandon's blog that Tim resigned yesterday. Just wanted you to know that I am praying for Otter and all the changes that have happened over the last 6 months.

Phil said...

Elizabeth, I'll be pondering that situation later this week, as you might imagine.

Suzie said...

Congratulations! For me, the benchmark is 20 because my mom and dad only made it 19 years. I totally understand what your saying.

wstaple said...


Congrats to you and Sheryl! Susie and I made it to 20 this past April. Oh, yeah, Meg's heading to MTSU in two months and Sara will be in 8th grade in the fall. I'm old, dude!


Jim Voorhies said...

Congratulations, Phil!. It's always been somewhat amazing to see the years continue to add up in our marriage, not that I expected anything else, and at the same time it's profoundly comforting to watch that number increase. Not everyone is as blessed as we are.

Now, if it just carried over at work... :)

Amy said...

Congratulations on twelve! You both are pretty blessed.

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