Monday, June 23, 2008

Open Grape Juice

Even though I haven't been able to go for the prison ministry for the last three months. I was able to get back last night. And as I have many times, I enjoyed it greatly and had a good time with the men there.

What was not so fun was not getting to take communion to them. We got to the Turney Center and brought in our bread and juice as we have for the last three years that I've been a part of it, in an opened container. And for some reason, this time, this wasn't acceptable.

I guess I can understand why. There could be a danger in someone bringing in a liquid that isn't acceptable, but seriously, we're Church of Christ. It's not like we broke out the good wine from the stone jars or something. We do grape juice. I'm sure we probably throw it away if we've kept it for more than a year.

At any rate, we didn't get to take communion to the men and we didn't raise a stink about it last night, but hopefully we can get some kind of special dispensation to make sure that next month, the guys have an opportunity to participate in the Lord's Supper.


Anonymous said...

I guess I don't understand your logic. It was unfortunate that you were not able to take communion to them but why was it "so fun?"

Phil said...

I was typing too fast. Thanks for picking that up.

preacherman said...

I did Sunday services for the inmates at the Price Daniel Unit. It was me 150 inmates and one guard. I loved the way the inmates knew the word and worshiped as free men in Christ. It was one of my best experiences in ministry.

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