Monday, May 26, 2008

Where in the US are the Wilson's?

Right now, Kansas City, Kansas.

Unlike many Americans, we decided to do a road trip this year and we decided to head to South Dakota. Of course, every time we told someone that they always said, "What's in South Dakota?" Well, two things: 1) Mount Rushmore, which we'll see later this week and 2) De Smet. Only a few of you will be able to rattle off exactly why we're headed to De Smet, and the reason is that it is where Laura Ingalls Wilder grew up and got married. A few months back we finished reading the Little House series with Kinsey and since both Sheryl and I had read the books when we were kids, and I'm manly (inside Little House joke there) enough to admit that I loved them too, we decided to make a trip up combined with a trip over to Mount Rushmore.

How long is such an excursion? Probably about 22 hours total driving. So we decided to split it up, breaking it in Kansas City. We left yesterday right after church and got here to KC around 10:30. Today we went to see a movie (Prince Caspian, which I will have a LOT to say about at a later date) and hit the KC zoo.

But we also decided to tell the story of this trip from a slightly different perspective. One of Kinsey's stuffed animals, Hound Dog the Webkin, wanted to be the star of the show, so here he is.

You said this was going to be how many hours?

Well, it ain't the Ritz, but it'll do.

Is there any irony in a stuffed animal going to see animals at a zoo? Didn't think so.

There are better views of an elephant...

...Like this one.

As if I didn't feel inadequate enough, I have to have my picture taken with African hunting dogs.

Ok , enough of those. How about some of the actual family.

Kinsey and Hound Dog with the elephant.

I think that's a rhino, but isn't Kinsey just the cutest?

This is a lorakeet that I think was trying to eat the camera strap around my neck. That or it's a vampire lorakeet with awful aim.

Trying out the macro setting on the camera. Not too shabby.

So that's what's going on with us. Expect more pics.


fabricsnob said...

LOVE IT! Great new perspective. Yesterday I was thinking about how fun it is to see what photos children take.

Also, Inquiring minds want to know how Jonin/Johnin(?) is doing on the vacation.

Thinking about you guys!

Suzie said...

I am so jealous! Please post pictures of the Laura Ingalls Wilder stuff. Did you know there is a family vacation you can take that is an actual wagon train journey?

judy thomas said...

Keep up the good stuff for those of us who won't get to take a trip. Be safe. Miss Judy

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