Thursday, May 01, 2008

YouTube Thursday: Anne Lamott on the Colbert Report

On Tuesday night, Anne Lamott was on the Colbert Report. He talked about her book, Grace (Eventually) that the Otter Creek Wednesday night book club read last summer. I like Anne Lamott a lot, but don't agree with her on everything, much like I don't agree with just about anyone on everything.

One other thing: If you've never watched Colbert before, realize that he's satirizing people like Bill O'Reilly and Chris Matthews and the pundit shows on cable news. Sometimes he's TOO good at it, but in this case, I think he likes Lamott a lot and let's her get her points across.

1 comment:

Rob Cox said...

Hilarious interview. She seemed to know how to take his jokes. She didn't take herself too seriously and laughed at herself some. This seems to be an effective way to get a message to people who would never enter a church building.

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