Friday, May 02, 2008

Steelcage Deathmatch Between Bart Ehrman and N. T. Wright

Ok, so maybe calling it a deathmatch is overstating it, just a smidge, but if you haven't read the unfortunately titled Blogalogue between Ehrman and Wright about the problem of pain, you really should. Ehrman is a former Christian who lost his faith as a result of not being able to reconcile the idea of pain and suffering with the concept of a loving and graceful God. Wright is... well, he's N.T. Wright, one of the men I most admire theologically.

I've found it to be an honest and engaging debate and the two were very respectful to each other, something that is often sorely lacking when two people disagree.


DB Carden said...

Two men enter, one man leaves!
Two men enter, one man leaves!

I must say at least Ehrman is trying to engage in a civil manner with Christians as opposed to Dawkins and Hitchens, etc. I am much more likely to listen to someone who is level-headed in their presentation.

Ben said...

This is great. I'm with db carden when it comes to comparing Ehrman with Dawkins and Hitchens. He doesn't display arrogance like the others.

In regards to the subject of their debate, I recently read Timothy Keller's The Reason for God which deals with the subject of suffering. You can also catch a talk of his when speaking at Google (You Tube). I think he makes some great points along the same lines of Wright.

Brent said...

Phil, do you have any opinions on any of the points brought up by Wright or Ehrman?

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