Tuesday, May 06, 2008

He's All Boy

Thursday afternoon, Sheryl and I were out in the front yard, talking with one of our neighbors. Kinsey was running around playing with bubbles and Connor was on the first step of our porch doing a little hop and then stepping down. It's a fairly small step and he was doing fine with it. At the end of our conversation, we were just about to head in and get some dinner when I heard a rather sickening thud. I looked back and Connor had faceplanted onto the sidewalk with his feet above his head on the step. I ran over to him and lifted him up and saw a huge lump developing on his forehead and blood dripping from his nose.

We ran him into the house and held him for a little bit and then looked at the goose egg on his head. It wasn't that bad and I even did the flashlight in the eyes to watch his pupils dilate and see if he was showing the signs of a concussion. I guess watching ER when it was good 10 years ago paid off. He didn't show any signs and was babbling a few minutes later. I woke him up a couple times that night to make sure he'd still wake up and he did. So I guess this is the first in a long line of possible injuries. The pic below were taken yesterday.

No, really, he doesn't have a concussion.

The goose egg is going down.

Still in a great mood.


Tony Arnold said...

War wounds are bragging rights. Every boy needs them.

Glad it was serious.

Tom said...

Amen Tony!

I'm glad you've been watching ER to gain the necessary training that you needed for this emergency. Does this mean you are now Dr. Phil? :)

Phil said...

"Ya see.... whut yer prawb-lum is..."

Tony Arnold said...

BTW, I meant, glad it was not

I have become a terrible writer via the keyboard. I chalk it up to being in a hurry. I have a tendency to leave out words when I type, but they were in my head as I typed.

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