Friday, May 16, 2008


Zero time to do a serious blog today. GAH!!!!

So a question and advance apologies to you preachers (and soon-to-be) preachers out there: How much value do people find in sermons? What is your definition of a good sermon? A bad one?

I'm just curious about people's thoughts on it.


Scott said...


A Short One

A Long One

Tony Arnold said...

Was not the model of the Synagogue nor the early church. So how did it become the norm?

Keith Brenton said...

GAH!!! Aw, Phil, I thought from that title you were going to blog about a time-honored Klingon dish which - like revenge - is best served cold.

A few sermons I've heard over the years have suffered by being served cold. They could have benefitted from some warmth; some rehearsal.

Infrequently do people find more value in a sermon than has been put into it by the one sharing it.

A good sermon points me to God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

A bad sermon lectures me on how I should live without ever telling my why by telling me Who.

judy thomas said...

A bad sermon is an old one out of the filing cabinet. Judy Thomas

Brian said...

I know someone who says "Sermonettes are for Christianettes" His definition of a sermonette was anything less than 45 minutes. I disagree with him. Fortunately he spoke well, and delivered a good message.

What is it with the idea in some churches of having to give a second sermon prior to communion?

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