Monday, May 19, 2008

Gen X vs. Millenials/Gen Y

Over the last few days, a couple of links have come to my attention about attitudes of GenXers particularly in relation to Gen Y/Millenials.

This one from Radar Online called "Generation Slap:They're naive, self-important, and perpetually plugged in. This is a call to arms against Millennials"(ht: Scott Freeman) is much more of a screed against Millenials, containing lines such as: "If you look at the sheer number of Millennials, the outlook is grim. While Gen X boasts only around 30 million members, there are an estimated 80 million Millennials out there. They're like pod people with Facebook accounts. We're outnumbered." It's a very interesting read, but it does contain a lot of adult language/cussin'.

The other one was from Businessweek entitled "10 Reasons Gen Xers Are Unhappy at Work." I thought this one, while mainly anecdotal, was pretty well thought out and reflected some of my feelings about being in the corporate world, although I also feel very fortunate to be doing work that I really like.

Interesting reads for a Monday morning.

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Jeff Widman said...

Good links--thanks!

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