Friday, February 22, 2008

Another Happy Birthday

When you blog, there's almost an imperative on you to celebrate and notice birthdays. And if you blog for a while, you end up coming around to those birthdays again and again. In the time that I've been blogging, this is the third time that we've come to my lovely wife Sheryl's birthday.



It might not be the most romantic thing, but I think what I've said in those two years really encapsulates my feelings for my best friend and every day I get to spend with her is another day that I get great joy in my life. She's a great mother and wife and partner. So to her, Happy Birthday, again and I look forward to many more together. To her, I dedicate this song by Eastmountainsouth.

You Dance

I won't face another day
I won't wait until tomorrow
I won't spend another night without you
let me carry you away
let me wake you every morning
let me wander every day beside you

'cause you dance in my head, in my heart, in my everything
you belong

you won't worry 'bout a thing
you can sleep a little longer
you can dream another dream beside me
I could walk another road
I could sing another sad song
but I could never make it home without you

'cause you dance in my head, in my heart, in my everything
you belong

'cause you dance in my head, in my heart, in my hands........


Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Sheryl! I hope to get to meet you sometime.

Christy said...

AH...I think that was sweet.

Happy Birthday Sheryl

Clarissa said...

Happiest of Happies to Sweet Sheryl!

Anonymous said...

You're so sappy. ;)

Happy Birthday to Sheryl!!

judy thomas said...

How sweet. Happy Birthday Sheryl. I hope you are doing something special for a very special person. Judy T.

amanda said...

So, so sweet! thanks for letting me come over with breakfast monday morning after kickboxing! i enjoyed playing Hit the Deck!

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