Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Work is very busy for me right now. Several big projects that are requiring a lot of work, and so the evenings when I get to be home with my family. Last night was one of those.

I got home and got kisses. After changing, I got down on the floor to play with the kids. Connor and I played Hot Wheels. Sheryl and Kinsey were making a doll house out of a diaper box. And then Kinsey got down and she and Connor just climbed all over me, until Connor started acting really tired, so I grabbed him and we went downstairs to watch a little basketball together, which I'm always happy that he enjoys with me. Then we shot baskets together until dinner time when he actually ate spaghetti instead of just bread and cheese.

At this point, he was getting really tired, so I gave him a bath which he really enjoys, especially splashing, which has graduated from splashing with his hands to standing up and plopping down into the water. We read his story and then laid him down.

Kinsey was then done with her bath so I helped her get dry and she did her chores and we read the next chapter in These Happy Golden Years and she laid down to sleep. At which point I went to finish sorting laundry and doing the dishes and give Sheryl a chance to relax. The evening was complete with working on the drums for Rock Band and "playing" "guitar" on "Foreplay/Long Time."

Just a great night and one that will be fewer over the next couple of months. So I thank God for the moments of peace that occur in the busyness.

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Amy said...

I think someday when you look back over your blog, posts like these will be your favorites. Enjoying the dailyness.

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