Monday, February 04, 2008

Superior Bowl

Wow, wow, wow. What an amazing game. I will admit that I was rooting for the Patriots because I wanted to see history made. However, even with that, I was extremely entertained by the entire game and the play that Eli Manning made was just insane. It was very reminiscent of the play Steve McNair made in Super Bowl XXXIV (sigh) just before the final play.

We had a bunch of people at our house for the game: most of our small group and a few extra people too, which made it a ton of fun. Kids were running around and playing, we were yelling at the plays, and there was even clapping for commercials. My personal favorite was the Macy's balloon one where Charlie Brown finally succeeded in gaining something. But I still enjoyed the Night at the Roxbury's "Baby Don't Hurt Me" Pepsi commercial, the Dorito's Mouse commercial, and the Tide talking stain was pretty entertaining as well.

However, my favorite moment of the night was a simple one. Connor decided that he wanted to come downstairs with me at one point and when I tried to put him down on the ground, he wanted to stay with me, so I got to sit in a big comfy chair with my son in my arms watching the Super Bowl. He would cheer and clap when we did and even decided to dance during the halftime show, which (sorry, Tiffany) didn't match up to Prince last year or U2 from 2002.

Great time and a great game.


Jennifer Thompson said...

As if anything would match up to U2. :)

What, no love for the eTrade baby ads? I thought those were great. Especially the clown one.

Cory said...

My personal favorite commercial was the Frist-Carville Coke ad. Absolutely hilarious. I cast my vote for the Coke ad dept as the winner of the Super Bowl Commercials Contest.

Amy said...

I just loved the E trade baby.

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