Monday, February 18, 2008

Scott Owings

Two months after BST left Otter Creek, another minister has announced his departure. Scott Owings, the Congregational Care minister, is leaving to be a hospice chaplain at the end of March. As Judy Thomas has already ably pointed out, Scott has been someone who has helped guide and nudge Otter Creek in directions that we might not have headed in. He started the Wednesday night Vespers service several years ago, which opened us up to a more liturgical and higher church setting. He has focused on the classic spiritual disciplines and encouraged their incorporation into the wider congregational life. As the coordinator for life groups, he's been sensitive to the needs of people and the make-up of the groups.

I'm honestly not trying to turn this into a hagiography, but Scott's influence in my life has been profound and while I know for sure that he is going to be an excellent chaplain and the kind of man that I would want with my family in a time of grief or need, it will leave a hole. I'm thankful to God for Scott and his family and while I'm grateful that they will be staying at Otter Creek, I will miss him in his place on the staff.

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Amy said...

Phil, it sounds like you will really miss Scott. I have heard wonderful things about him. While I'm sure he will be an excellent chaplain I know he will leave a hole at OC. Sounds like there are alot of changes going on around there.

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