Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove at Otter Creek Church, Thursday, February 28

Hi all. A quick announcement from my home church, Otter Creek Church of Christ.

The Otter Creek Church invites you to hear from Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, a founding member of the Rutba House in Durham, North Carolina, on February 28, 2008, at 7:00 p.m. Jonathan, who spent time in Iraq with Shane Claiborne as part of a Christian peacemaking team, will be discussing "Signs of the Times & a New Monasticism." He will touch upon several aspects of the new monastic movement, including the contemplative tradition, service to the poor, nonviolence, and practices of intentional community.

Otter Creek is located at 409 Franklin Road, in Brentwood. You can call the church for more information at 615-373-1782.

Hope to see as many of you there as can make it.

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