Monday, February 11, 2008

How I Got a Ticket in my Driveway

I ran out late Friday night to our local Walgreens (the Shop on Every Corner) for a few things. On my way home there are two stop signs. And admittedly, I don't usually stop all the way at them, particularly if there is no other traffic. And Friday night, I didn't.

The second stop sign is about 100 yards from my house and it's a right turn into our neighborhood. I slowed at the turn and turned into our neighborhood and as I'm turning into our driveway, I see blue lights behind me. Thinking he might be going up our street, I complete the turn into our driveway to get out of his way and he pulls in behind me.

So that's how I ended up getting a ticket in my driveway.



Jim said...

Bummer, Phil. Rolling stops arent, you know, stops.

Phil said...

Oh, I know. I could make an argument about how my not stopping didn't harm anyone and hence wasn't deserving of a ticket, but it's true. I didn't stop.

Suzie said...

Don't feel bad. David got one this past week for not wearing his seat belt. A $10 fine.

Tony Arnold said...

Phil, my father who ran Driver's Ed for a public school distict for a very long time (before the school system decided to kill driver's ed) always said that 4 ways stops should be 4 way yields instead.

Doesn't change the intent nor the traffic control purpose and speeds up traffic flow. And it is very easy to define yield such that it does not mean blowing through without slowing down.

The yellow blinking light at some intersections works just fine, so would this.

Stop means stop. said...

Stop means stop.

I'm sure there's nothing about it you don't understand. Please send that cop to my neighborhood.

Drivers in my neighborhood routinely ignore stop signs because I'm sure they think, "There is nobody coming and they are almost home so I don't have to obey the law."

Great instruction for younger drivers. Only obey the laws you feel like.

Neill said...

I got pulled over one time for a rolling stop. During the ticket writing process the cop and I realized that the license plate on my car was not my license plate. Someone had stolen my license plate and replaced it with their old expired one. Good thing I was doing a rolling stop...heh..

gavin richardson said...

i've gotten pulled over in church parking lots twice in h'ville in the last two weeks. one of the times was my own church. how ya like them apples?

note: i am not a bad driver, i have an expired tag because some darn fuse that people couldn't seem to figure out was keeping the inspection computers from say my car could drive. ever get an "incomplete" in inspections?

Scott said...


Scott said...

First, you start doubting the Bible.

Then you vote for a Democrat.

Is it any wonder that the laws of the land no longer matter to you?

I repeat: miscreant.

Thomas+ said...

"Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves." Romans 13:1-2, NIV

Is this what you mean by "literal"?


Phil said...

Well, literally... that passage is talking about the Roman Empire, so I think I'm free to ignore the laws of America. If I lived in Rome, then I would have to submit to them.


CJ Sorg said...

Phil...dude, same exact thing happened to me. I didn't get ticketed in my driveway, but just down the street from it. It's completely frustrating, but I didn't stop, and totally got caught.

Besides, the cops DO have a business to run.

Katie said...


Amy said...

oh phil, that's hilarious!

Clarissa said...

You have my sympathy. I'll never forget my first ticket -- 'twas for speeding, on my way to A.P. History Club (mandatory for the class) at 6 AM. No one else was on the road, but there was definitely someone watching from the sidelines. Told my dad that night, but didn't tell my mom for 6 months!

livelaughlove95 said...

Got my first (and only) speeding ticket on a Sunday morning, on my way to church.

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