Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tagged again: 10 Things I'm Learning from Being a Parent

Another tag. This time by Adam. And it fits into my Tuesday's as family day, so here goes...

10 Things I'm Learning from Being a Parent
And for the record, it's Kinsey, 6 and Connor, 1

1. I'm learning that there is nothing better than a scream of "Daddy!" or "Hi Dada!" when I come home from work.

2. I expect too much sometimes of a 6 year old and a 1 year old, but they keep meeting and exceeding those expectations (most of the time).

3. Reading the Little House on the Prairie series every night has been one of the neatest things to do.

4. I'm not great at playing dolls, but I rock at Hot Wheels.

5. There are physical things that you will do for your child that would never occur to you to do to anyone else and require multiple hand washings afterwards.

6. Calvin and Hobbes is sometimes the most incredible representation of a six-year-old's life.

7. Wrestling against Daddy 3 on 1 is fun.

8. Picking out an outfit for a boy is much easier than for a girl.

9. I couldn't do this alone.

10. If God is anything like me, He gets really frustrated sometimes, but nothing, ever, ever, ever, will stop Him from loving His children.

Tagging: Amy G., Scott, Malia and/or David, Amy W., and Elizabeth.


Adam said...

Great stuff, man. Thanks for responding.

Rob Cox said...

Here's another one: Sometimes the crayon drawings on a refrigerator mean more than anything in the Louvre.

TCS said...

good list.

Amy said...

Love your list, especially the things that require handwashing after. Amen!

Try picking out girl outfits X 3. I'm not a great shopper either, which makes it more challenging!

I will definitely do a list in a day or two.

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