Thursday, September 13, 2007

YouTube Thursday: Conspiracy Theory Rock

This video was shown only once on NBC's Saturday Night Live. After you watch it, you'll know why.

And not to go completely conspiracy theory, but it doesn't seem surprising that when corporations own the media, that there wouldn't be the complete reporting of news that would be bad for corporations, right?


Justin said...

I wonder if whoever allowed that initially was fired?

Advertising is the same as corporations owning things though. You aren't going to report a bad story on someone who is one of your biggest advertisers.

But its a problem that's always going to exist. At least we have the internet now. We can get information without the filter of the media.

What we definitely don't want, though, is government control over these things. Because it will just be worse than it currently is. And, corporations don't have the power to put you in jail for speaking out about them. Only the government does.

Darin said...

This is why you won't find locally media doing stories on car dealers.

Bad for business.

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