Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Heroes Wednesday: The Rewatch and a Preview

I'm halfway through rewatching Season 1 of Heroes. Finished Homecoming a couple of nights ago and really enjoyed it again. I have my standard questions of course, such as how Peter was able to get from NYC to Midland, TX in a very few hours, but suspension of disbelief is a wonderful thing.

A few notes. I'm still not fully convinced that the producers knew what they were doing with the whole Sylar thing until this point in the season. For serial shows like this, I always wonder if the producers don't think they'll get a full season pickup and write a couple of outs into the show. It seems that by the time they would have been writing the Future Hiro visiting Peter in the subway, the show would have been a hit, and so they would have started writing certain aspects that played out the rest of the season. For instance, when Hiro and Ando are in the Burnt Toast Diner is when we get the first shots of Sylar, now played by Zach Quinto under the baseball cap. And everytime there's a shot of Sylar, we either see his watch or there's the sound of ticking. I'm still finding Bennett to be a compelling character, even though we know what side he ends up on, and I even found Eden to be much more interesting this time around. Simone... not so much.

At any rate, I'm really looking forward to the season premiere NEXT MONDAY!!!! WOO HOO, wait.... Aw crap. The Titans are playing Monday night in New Orleans. Why must the television gods taunt me so? Oh well. Thank goodness for dual tuner TiVo.

And now, a preview of next season. If you don't want to know what characters and/or actors return. Don't watch.

No thoughts on the video itself even though there seems to be a lot going on there, but I do have this extraneous thought... Episode 1 of Season 2 is entitled "Four Months Later..." I seriously, seriously hope that means it takes place in February, since that would four months after election day. As a continuity geek, it would really disappoint me if it started in August or September. Nonetheless, still very much looking forward to it.

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Jennifer Thompson said...

Okay, having watched through "Six Months Ago": I definitely wondered how Peter got from NYC to Midland, TX in what, six hours? I mean, obviously this show is not about reality, but still. :) And: Yes, Phil, I'm seeing what you mean about Heroes actually giving you at least pseudo-answers, as opposed to... some other show. Who's Sylar? Well, here's a little bit of information about him.

Next disc should be here this weekend. My Tivo already has a season pass for the new episodes (which I promise and pledge not to watch till I've finished season 1). Yes, Phil: You have succeeded.

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