Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Heroes Wednesday: The Rewatch

Did you hear? That the Heroes Season 1 DVD came out last Tuesday, and like any good fanboy, I've watched the first 4 episodes and the deleted scenes.

Some thoughts.

1) I'm not convinced that the producers and writers knew exactly what they were doing. For one thing, the characterization of Mama Petrelli is very different from the end of the season. I mean, seriously, who would have thought that the stone cold dragon lady at the end was the same as the shoplifting, confessing-that-Peter-was-her-favorite one at the beginning. Also, I don't think Sylar was thought out very well at the beginning. Mohinder's dad called him Patient Zero, indicating that he thought Sylar was the one from whom the power sprang possibly? Either Papa Suresh didn't know what he was talking about or Tim Kring didn't. Same difference I suppose. Plus, I would think that if the producers put the same thought into Sylar as they said they did into Molly Walker, they would have cast Quinto much earlier than they apparently did.

2) In Sylar's apartment, there was the hidden room with the map and the "confessional closet" with lots of religious language about forgiveness and sin on it. Possibly from the influence of his mother I suppose, but that part of the regret and remorse was never really followed up on. Also, did Mohinder ever use the key in his father's old journal that was hidden in the laptop?

3) Deleted scenes. I haven't watched the unaired pilot yet, but I plan to at some point. I did like some of the deleted scenes from the pilot, like DL just appearing out of his cell. I liked that a lot. Also, there was some subplot about Micah's grandmother calling Child Protective Services on Niki. Not too surprising there, but that was actually the reason Niki went to visit her, so that at least made a bit more sense.

I'm enjoying the rewatch so far. Obviously, I watch Heroes recognizing its flaws and just trying to have as much fun with it as possible. Three weeks to go until the premiere!


gavin richardson said...

i bow down to your inner geek. i actually thought of purchasing the first season, but 40 dollar is hard to part with when i can continue to watch online for free.

Clarissa said...

Oh, yeah, we've got it, too. Rob was giddy when it came.

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