Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to...


I was going to do one of those posts where the blogger talks about someone special in their life, wife, husband, children, mistress... um, I mean, um..... preacher, etc. But humor doesn't always translate over the intertubes, so here are some interesting facts about my birthday.

- On this day in 1540, the Jesuits received their charter from the Pope.
-In 1777, Lancaster, Pennsylvania is the capital of the United States for one day.
- In 1940, Italy, Germany, and Japan signed a treaty forming the original Axis of Evil.
-In 1998, Google was founded.

I share a birthday with...
- Samuel Adams, Revolutionary Patriot and Beer Company model (1722)
- Wilford Brimley, actor and lovable curmudgeon (1934)
- Shaun Cassidy, singer, actor, and philosopher (1958)
- Gwyneth Paltrow, actor, male impersonator, and based on her child's name, a fruit afficiando (1972)
- Avril Lavigne, "singer" (1984)
- And according to Wikipedia at the moment, "Brenda D. - Amazingly Taleneted Ghetto Teenager" (1992)

Interesting facts about me personally on this day.
- I'm double the age I was when I graduated from high school. And I'll just say that 36 doesn't feel nearly as old as it did in high school.
- I'm the age my (bio)dad was when he and Mom got divorced. Interestingly, on our next anniversary, Sheryl and I will have been married for the same amount of time my mom and dad were when they got divorced: 12 years (and the mistress joke above notwithstanding, Sheryl and I are doing great in our marriage and I feel closer to her now than I did 12 years ago).
- I'm also now the age my (step)dad was when Sheryl and I got married. I'll allow you to work out for yourselves how much older than me that makes him.

So, all in all, another birthday. I got a beautiful card from my family the other night and we had a nice time together Monday. I'm a very blessed man and I'm looking forward to what the next 36 years bring.


Scott said...

Happy Birthday. I'm a huge Wilford Brimley fan. And I saw Shaun Cassidy in concert about 30 years ago.

jim voorhies said...

Wow, I went to that wikipedia page and there really weren't famous people (uh, other famous people, I mean) born on the same day as you. Once you got to Shaun Cassidy it all went downhill.

Hmmm. Bummer. Come to think of it, that downhill theme may just be a symbolic metaphor, Phil. ;)

Jennifer Thompson said...

Phil, I'm a math major. You know I can't do that stepdad/marriage math. Twelve?

Maybe I'll resurrect the blog and do a similar post for me next week... but I wouldn't count on it. :)

Oh. Happy birthday!

Suzie said...

Happy Birthday! I used to sleep with my sister's Shaun Cassidy album because I thought he was cute (I was only eight...)

GingerSnaps said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Shannon said...

You've already lived much longer than John Keats, Percy Shelley, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain...keep up the good work!

Clarissa said...

So how old did 36 feel when you were in high school? Since it feels so different now and all ...

Amy said...


malia said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! Sorry I missed it!

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