Monday, September 03, 2007

Football Post

If you haven't heard, the NFL is changing its logo.

Anybody wonder how long before it gets to this?


Did you see the Michigan-Applachian State game, where the Division 1-AA team beat a top 5 ranked team at the ranked team's stadium? Of course not. You probably don't have the Big Ten Network. See many of the NFL preseason games this year? Or Thursday night games last year? Probably not, because you probably don't have the NFL Network.

In the ever increasing pursuit to monetize Americans obsession with sports, both the Big Ten and the NFL have started airing games on their private networks, rather than on the networks whether cable like ESPN or broadcast networks. Any one else think this is extremely shortsighted? The NFL became as popular as it did because all the games were available. To hide games from viewers, which is what this does, is just dumb. And it can only serve to alienate fans, who are responsible for the monetary success and popularity of the sports, which will cause a deterioration in monetary success and popularity.

In my humble opinion.


Emily said...

i like the 3rd logo! where did you get that?

Clarissa said...

I bet he made it. why are they bothering? don't get it.

Clarissa said...

Oh, and is Wilson house open the weekend of ZOE?

Jeff said...

I hear what you're saying on the NFL network, etc. The beauty of a free market system is that the consumers will decide whether putting games on a premium network will either hurt or help monetarily. I don't have HBO, but I'm sure there are people that got it simply for the Sopranos. I'm sure the NFL will not leave a single dollar on the table. If they saw popularity decreasing, they'd bring games back to network television. But, I don't see that happening. Even with such scandals with people like Pac Man and Vick, I don't see anyone saying their going to stop watching NFL games. If that doesn't decrease popularity, asking fans to pony up an extra $5 a month won't either

Phil said...

Emily, I found that logo on a design site that was doing parodies of Web 2.0 logo. It's located at

Most of them were meant as jokes, but some aren't too bad, like the NFL one.

gavin richardson said...

i like it. pomo-nfl

Chad M. said...

But dont forget the obvious. You didn't see the Michigan game BECAUSE they were eplaying a I-AA team. Would anyone other than those in the big-ten care about Appliation state getting beat up by the #5 team in the nation?

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