Monday, September 10, 2007

Greek Festival

Sheryl and I took Connor and Kinsey to the Greek Festival at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church with my mom and dad and Kinsey's cousin yesterday. It was one of those Nashville things that I'd been wanting to go to for a while and just never gotten around to.

It was ok. Kinsey and her cousin had fun doing a couple of bouncy things and the petting zoo. Then we ate some lunch and watched dancers, and that was about all there was to do there. I don't know what I expected, but I really thought there would be more stuff going on. It was nice enough, but for as much as I'd heard about it, I really expected something more... substantial.

I did get to go into the church's sanctuary and picked up some of their materials, particularly about the Orthodox church, which will most assuredly be the subject of at least one Friday post. Let's just say that Churches of Christ and the Orthodox Church make some strikingly similar claims...


DB Carden said...

In the past (since I didn't look this year, I don't know if they still do it) they give a sort of Orthodox Church primer in the sanctuary. I recall it was at least an hour of talking about the icons, the altar, the architecture of the building, some of the other things around the sanctuary, etc and answering questions from the audience. It was quite interesting.

We go just about every year just for the food, music, and fun. It is a relatively cheap fun family outing.

b-osipov said...

Yes, there are similarities between the Orthodox and the church of Christ. My husband was born and raised in Russia and attended the Russian Orthodox. When he would visit the U.S. he attended the church of Christ. Then when he moved here in 1999, he began attending the church of Christ because of the similarities. There are differences too, but they both have the main stuff correct (i.e., communion, order of worship, no instruments).

Jeff said...

Phil, I could have warned you that the Greek Festival isn't an overwhelming experience. But, we love to go every year, if nothing for the fact that the gyros, baklava and pastichio are awesome. We also like seeing the older kids/teens do the Greek dancing - it seems very much like a rite of passage that all the kids in the church go through, something we in CoC don't seem to have.

I also go in the sanctuary every year just to experience how ornate it is. I also picked up the pamphlet on orthodoxy, and I know exactly where you're going with their claims and the Churches of Christ. I wonder if we can all be right.

Thomas+ said...

I went once and thought it was lame. The food was overpriced, and not as good as most Greek restaurants. There wasn't really much to do but eat and bake in the sun. The sanctuary is cool, but not really worth the (literal) price of admission.

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