Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Back at his birthday, some of our good friends got Connor a really cute outfit, that will probably not be worn much. But there was babysitting by the singles at Otter Creek last Saturday night, so he had to wear it.

At home. The boy gets serious red eye.

Flashing a gang sign? Or just pointing at the camera? (thanks to JT for the pic)


Kinsey got into the spirit too. One of her favorite Disney movies is Mulan and we went to Opry Mills Friday night. We didn't sneak past the Disney store and she wanted to go in, so we obliged, and ended up with her Halloween costume for this year. But, good Lord, is she cute!


malia said...

Why wouldn't he wear that outfit every single day? It rocks!

Jennifer Thompson said...

I think he was actually pointing at the toy I'd momentarily tried to hide from him (can't mess up the picture, you know). But it makes the picture way more hilarious if you just imagine he's saying "'sup, hot momma." Or something to that effect.

Anonymous said...

All he needs now is Uncle Pauls motorcycle!

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