Thursday, April 19, 2007

YouTube Thursday: Foggy Mountain Breakdown

I've heard bluegrass described as "men in suits playing acoustic instruments as fast as they can." Here are 10 doing it.

Earl Scruggs and Friends on the David Letterman show in 2001:

The friends are (in order of playing):

Banjo - Earl Scruggs (of course)
Fiddle - Glenn Duncan
Acoustic Guitar - Randy Scruggs
Banjo - Steve Martin (yes him)
Telecaster - Vince Gill (and his delay pedal)
Mandolin - Marty Stuart
Harmonica - Gary Scruggs
Guitar - Albert Lee (on a Music Man Albert Lee model!)
Piano - Paul Shaffer
Dobro - Jerry Douglas (an absolute genius)

A little music during a difficult week.


greg said...

Outstanding. I actually remember seeing that when it aired.

Karen said...

Awesome. I haven't heard music like that in years.

Phil said...

My favorite thing is how all the musicians watch each other play their parts. For some, it's almost like they're trying to pick up tips. For others, it's like they're just awed to have the best seat in the house for the show.

Jeff said...

You just don't get much better than that. I never knew Steve Martin played banjo.

And you're absolutely right about Jerry Douglas. As much as I love Allison Krauss, I don't know if half her songs would be as good if it wasn't for him.

David said...

Steve Martin used to do a comedy bit with his banjo....something about you could never play sad songs on the banjo...don't remember exactly.

fabricsnob said...

they are amazing! I saw them once at Opry at the Ryman. I recommend it. Nothing better than the Ryman.

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