Monday, April 02, 2007

Off a Rocky Mountain High

Kinsey and I got home late last night from a late season ski and snowboarding trip. We're at home today but getting back to school and work tomorrow. I'll try to have some pictures and stories tomorrow.

I would ask for prayers on an issue that has come up. I cannot go into details but I need peace and wisdom in dealing with a sibling in Christ. Thanks.


Brandon Scott said...

nothing like comin' off a Rocky Mountain high to a Tennessee valley LOW. Geez Louise. I am praying. Meanwhile I'm also gathering my shot gun shells and ammo--I mean that is what Jesus would do...right?

gavin richardson said...

i thought we already consulted you on james dobson?.. haha

will say a prayer for you bro

Tiffany said...

Already on it.

(And welcome home.)

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