Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kinsey's Story Continued...

I'm going to comment on the tragedy in Virginia later. I'm still processing what happened there. It's just staggering. Until I do though, here is the continuation of Kinsey's story from last week.


The two guards picked her up and carried her quickly back to the castle. They went immediately to the doctor’s room. He came out of his private chambers and gave a shocked cry as he saw the princess. “What happened to her?” The guards described the wolf’s attack and after they did, he took a careful look at the bite wound, then listened to her heartbeat and her breathing. He pulled open her eyes and looked at them. After this he looked at the guards and said, “This is beyond my expertise as a doctor. I can treat the wound, but I can not wake her. This wolf was no ordinary wolf and this needs someone who has experience with things out of the ordinary.” He turned back to the princess and said, “Take her to the magician.”

The guards picked up the princess and carried her through the castle to the back tower. Quickly but carefully, they brought her up the stairs and banged on the magician’s door. There was great scrambling before the door opened and a long bearded man in a red cloak opened the door, yelling, “What do you wan---!” He broke off as he saw the unconscious body of the princess. “Bring her in, right now.” He quickly cleared off one of his couches and the guards set her on it. “Leave us, now.” The guards started to leave, but the magician called to them, “No, wait… I may need you to answer some questions.”

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