Monday, April 16, 2007


The situation I referred to a couple of weeks ago with a brother was resolved last week with a phone call. Glad to have the stress of that off of me. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers on that.


I got a bit sick on Saturday and that wasn't fun. Scared Kinsey at one point, but then I had to work at church Saturday night. Thankfully, I was feeling much, much better yesterday, and able to fulfill all my churchly and family duties.


I left my phone at home today. It's amazing how much perspectives can change in 10 years (which doesn't seem like it was as long ago as it should be). Back then, it was just cool to have a cell phone. Now, it's an appendage that you almost feel naked without. And especially, since I have the PPC-6700. Which connects to the Internet as well as being the phone. Well, I guess for today, I'll have to live back in the 1990s. Except with email, and instant messaging, and the other ways of keeping in constant contact with pretty much anyone in the world.

Have a great Monday.

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Tony Arnold said...

Thanks for doing a great job Sat. night when you didn't feel well and the acoustics were terrible. The sound was good and our band was very appreciative.


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