Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kinsey's Story Part 3

Was Heroes great? Yeah, for the most part, but we'll talk about that tomorrow. Next week looks very interesting too.

Connor took what some might describe a step last night. But what is probably more accurately described as falling forward while sticking a leg in front of him. Which, yes, I know that that's basically what walking is (knowledge gained from Pixar Animation DVD extras), and it's true that he's basically standing on his own when he doesn't know what he is doing. So his journey to toddlerhood continues. I wish this time would last about six months longer. Him doing his "pimp step crawl" (as my brother in law describes it) is so cute, especially as fast as he can do it now.


Part 3 of the story. And you might have figured out that I'm not writing this exactly as I told it. I'm embellishing here and there with some descriptions and a little fuller characterizations (the Magician in particular). At any rate, here's part 3.

The magician whose name no one knew (he had one, he’d been called Magician for so long that even he had forgotten it), walked around the princess inspecting different parts of her: the bite wound, her eyes, her ears, her mouth. He listened to her breath and looked at her eyes. Then he stood up straight and gnawed on his beard for several long moments. He turned back to the guards and asked, “How large was this wolf?”

The first knight, named Cheena, said, “It was large. Perhaps the size of pony.”

The magician asked, “Did you see the color of its eyes?” Cheena shook her head.

However, the second knight, Charissa, spoke up quickly, “I did. They were yellow.”

The magician stopped and turned back to the princess. “That’s what I was afraid of.” He rapidly turned to a shelf with dusts and materials on it and began dashing them into a boiling cauldron. He spoke over the shoulder to the knights. “I need a hair from the wolf. It is a magical one and to create a potion that will wake the princess up, I must have a freshly plucked hair. Now hurry and quickly return. The hair cannot be plucked for more than an hour until put it into the potion.” He turned back to the cauldron and began muttering to himself, stirring and putting more ingredients in.

Cheena and Charissa looked at each other. “But, how do we know where it is? How can we find it? Especially a magical wolf?”

The magician looked disdainfully back at them. “Magical or not, wolves never leave the area where they have been denied their prey. This one will still be around. Now go, before it is too late.” He pushed them out the door and locked it behind him.

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