Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fixing the Heroes Jones

Just for you, my faithful readers and fellow Heroes fans. Just for you, I scour the interwebs, riding the tubes, to find new Heroes videos and little snippets to hold us over until the 23rd. Today, I have found one. Similar to the one from back in October, this one holds some secrets for the next five episodes. If you're wanting to remain completely unspoiled, don't watch or read any further.

I'm now going talk about what I'm seeing in this. I haven't read ANY spoilers, but now I have video to do some speculating with, so I'm diving in headfirst.

Obviously the first part of it is repeating stuff from "Parasite," the last aired episode.

New stuff.
  • Claire hugging her dad in prison, in her cheerleader uniform. Obviously, this is the shapeshifter trying to trick Bennett into revealing something.
  • Somebody flying at Peter while he pinned to the wall with his head bleeding. Probably Sylar who didn't get far enough into taking off the top of Peter's head to actually do it.
  • Matt trying to break out of his prison cell, then someone shooting electricity (?) out of his hands?
  • Claire and Nathan hugging. Awwww. A new daddy for Claire. Still not as good as Mr. Bennett, even if he can fly.
  • Claire, in brown hair (hmmmm) talking about wanting a normal life. Sweetie, you can heal yourself. Your biological father can fly. Your uncle saved you with his empathic powers from a (probably) brain-eating psychotic sociopath. Normalcy left you at the station before you were born.
  • Isaac. "I finally get to be a hero." While on the floor. Leading up to what Hiro saw in the second episode?
  • Hiro meeting FUTUREHIRO!?!? What the....? And now for some pure speculation. Why do we think FutureHiro is good? Just because Hiro is now doesn't mean that he can't change. And can't the lopped off heads because by a sword just as much as Sylar's telekenesis? The only reason I thought of this was because of Isaac in the shot right before. I could and probably am completely wrong.
  • Some random shots. Stuff from before. Claire talking to her grandmother.
  • Jessiki shooting a gun and then apparently Hiro pulling his time thing to stop the bullet.
  • Mohinder telling Mam Petrelli that Peter is dead. Yeah, right. Do they really expect us to believe this? I hope they don't spend much time on this plot line.
  • And then..... Linderman asking Micah if he wants to save the world, and Jessiki giving a very weird evil yet proud smile.
All in all, it looks good. But now I'm thinking that if they're trying to wrap up a lot of things and even introducing more in five episodes without much carryover to the next season of too many plotlines. Oh well, 10 more days...


'Coma said...

Phil, to quote my ten-year-old niece, "You are the bomb."
Thanks for feeding my Heroes addiction.

greg said...

Can't wait.

By the way, have you ever seen the series from a few years ago called Firefly? Or the movie that came later, Serenity?

A friend just loaned me the DVD's for the series (which was only one season, 14 episodes) and the movie. I'm about 1/3 of the way through, but I'm enjoying it.

elizabeth said...

Thanks for your theories, Phil. It just further proves that I have no imagination and could never have seen half of the things you saw in that 58 second clip.

I can't wait!!

Justin said...

I think Linderman has powers. I bet he's financing this whole "bag em and tag em" operation, so when he blows up New York, the heroes can become the aristocracy of the earth. He's got Pettrelli to be President too.

Clarissa said...

I think Linderman's actually the patriarch of the Petrelli family.

I think Claire looks better as a brunette. Looks more natural. But, then, she has hair people. Anyway, looks more Petrelli-ish for when they have to introduce her as their long-lost whoever.

Malia said...


Dude, you almost made me snort my coffee!

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