Monday, December 04, 2006

How to have a great football and fantasy football weekend

Some of you remember that I'm playing my first season of fantasy football with the team name Nonviolent Resistors. I'm guaranteed getting into the playoffs now, of course 85% of the people in our league are in it.

My lineup has changed significantly over the course of the season, but one constant is Marvin Harrison, wide receiver for the hated Indianapolis Colts (I'm a Titans fan). Yesterday the Colts and the Titans played each other here in Nashville. This is a time when I think that fantasy football plays against traditional football rooting for a team. On one hand, I really wanted the Titans to win. Really wanted them to win.

On the other, I needed Marvin Harrison to have a great day, which generally means him having a lot of receiving yards and scoring several touchdowns, which is counter to the wish of the Titans winning.


Yesterday, Marvin Harrison caught 7 passes for 172 yards (that's a lot for you football neophytes) and 1 touchdown. Which was good for me.

And the Titans beat the hated Colts on a last minute 60 yard field goal (that's a long way for you football neophytes, a really long way) by Rob Bironas. Which was outstanding for me.

And that's how you have a great football AND fantasy football weekend.


Tiffany said...

Waiting for some footage from yesterday....

Phil said...

Tuesday is family day.

Tony Arnold said...

Someone at work ask me to join in a fanasty football league.

I told them no thanks, I was a Vandy fan. I get my fill of fantasy football.


Anonymous said...

Thank me and my poor fantasy timing for not ruining your fantasy weekend...

I finally got fed up with the Steelers defense and dropped them for Dallas right before they scored 20 fantasy points against the Bucs (17 more than Dallas, slightly more than your margin of victory).


Jonathan said...

That last anonymous comment was supposed to be from me.


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