Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Kinsey's first Dance Recital

Kinsey has been taking dance lessons this fall and Sunday was her first recital and she was the cutest thing ever! She did a great job and danced well and just seemed to have so much fun with it. She was so lucky, because not only were Sheryl and I there, Sheryl's mom and dad came, as did my dad. And even 5 (!) of her England friends: Tiffany, Melody, Amanda, and Dan and Mary. She is so lucky to have so many great grown up friends. Thanks for coming out.

Pictures below and a video of her dance as well.

Kinsey getting ready for the music to start.

After the show, with all the flowers people got for her.

Kinsey with her dance teacher, Miss Angie.

Kinsey on the stage after it was all done.

And here's the video. I took it with my digital camera since they didn't allow video ones in so the quality isn't all that great. Oh and when you hear something that sounds like a wheeze, that's me laughing at Kinsey telling people where they should be in the line. Enjoy!

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Jennifer Thompson said...

Aw, cute. If I hadn't been in Atlanta I would have loved to go. Yay Kinsey!

Tony Arnold said...

Phil, Kinsey is very cute and I know you are proud.

But you know dancing is a sin, what are you thinking man!

Next thing you know, you will be pushing for slide shows and a praise team at church.

BTW, I know she didn't get rythym from you did she? Had to be from momma.

I laughed at the last part of your blog. Maria too can be a rule enforcer. Now that part, I think the girls get from their daddies. :-)


Tiffany said...

It was just as good the second time around. And my officemate enjoyed it, too!

Malia said...

I know for a fact that Kinsey and Maria have been in dance recital before and I have the pictures to prove it! Aug '05, Cool Springs YMCA, a very cute group of OC girls took a week long dance class with Jamie Crothers. The last day they showed off their new skills and did a mini-recital for their parents.

Maybe it's the first recital you were at...


Phil said...

Malia, I had completely forgotten about that. You are so right!

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