Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jonesing for January 22...

Look, I could continue to rave about Heroes. Really, I could. I could talk about how the actual resolution of plotlines and characters that you like make it a superior show to some others (or one in particular). I won't.

What I will say is that Monday's episode, Fallout, was a great way to end the fall and get people jonesing for January 22. Seriously, in one episode, we get to see all the heroes in a couple of plotlines. I loved how almost all of them came together in Odessa and we really got to see how they interact. I loved Peter and Matt getting a feedback loop from reading each other's minds. It reminded me of some of my sound running nightmares. I like the continued ambiguity they're giving to Claire's dad. On the one hand, he is a truly loving father to her and wants the best, but on the other, he's a part of some shadowing conspiracy that his daughter is caught up in as well. I think Peter and Claire have some great chemistry together and I can see more interaction for them in the future.

I did feel really sorry for Claire in one aspect and maybe it's why I like her story line so much. For the last few weeks, as she's been dealing with the reality of her power, she's experienced some measure of freedom. You could almost see the weight lifted from her shoulders as she told her dad her secret. Being able to count him with her friend Zach and her brother Lyle as confidants did so much to help her.

And then when she started realizing that those memories had been taken from them, and especially that the really nice friendship she'd built with Zach over the last two weeks was completely gone, my heart just broke for her, because now she was alone in the world again. She was the only one that knew who she was and she couldn't tell him or anything now. It was really well done and the look of shock when the Haitian came into her room and told her that it was her dad that was doing it was also very good. I do wonder how all of that is going to play out and how now her relationship with him is going to change. I've been very impressed by Hayden Panetierre's acting ability in the course of the show so far.

It also reminds me of the emotional resonance that the Charlie/Hiro storyline dealt with. The writers and actors did such a nice job of getting their relationship right and the love that they experienced that when Hiro understood that he couldn't save her, it just broke her heart and I think it hardened him some.

I'm almost completely bored by the Nikki/Jessica/DL/Micah arc. The writers really need to do some thing good with that storyline before it drags the show down.

On the whole though, I've been very very impressed with the show and I'm very much looking forward to next season, especially since we seem to have retired "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" as a catchphrase (though not a plot line) and moved to "Are you on the List?" Which seems to indicate the search for more heroes.

Wait, I guess I did rave about the show there. I'd apologize, but I'm not really sorry.

Also, if you haven't seen all the episodes, you can see all of them for free here. Well worth the catch up for those of you who haven't seen it and a nice review if you have. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Great review of Heroes... this is my one must-see show this year. I'm really glad they're taking a break for a few weeks; it was going to be hard to keep up with it with all the busy-ness of the season!

elizabeth said...

Well done. I love this show! And, I think the plot line for the Nikki/Jessica/DL/Micah part of the show will get better as we see Micah's powers emerge. But right now, there is something kind of annoying about that story line to me, so I get what you are saying. The show is so good, though, I don't see how it can't get better! I can't wait!

Jeff said...

Ok, Phil, you almost have me totally won over...almost. I have to see if Lost drops some of the focus on the Kate/Sawyer/Jack love triangle. That was getting a little old. And of course, probably my favorite is coming back in January. "24"

I have been pulled into the Heroes storyline, though. I give the writers props for getting them all worked in into one show. But, I will say it still has that first season of Lost feeling. We'll see how it matures once the initial nuclear "man-bomb" wears off.

I'm also weary of Niki/Jessica and that storyline. I thought they were going to solve some of the bipolarness of the thing, but it didn't seem like it. I also like the Peter storyline. I think he will be the ultimate hero given his absorbing power, kind of the anti-Sylar. Don't know what was up with him at the end though.

C D said...

Right on -- also bored with the Nikki/Jessica plotline ~ we tivo'd the last episode and have decided we have to watch more than one episode at a time... too long between and I forget stuff, but definitely one of our favorite shows!!

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