Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dancing Queen and a Healthy Fantasy Life

Kinsey started dance class last Friday, no pics on it yet, but soon. This was a big thing for us to try and do. Kinsey isn't really an athletic type. I'm not sure how she'd do in a group athletic situation, although she hits a wiffleball really well and we might try some softball with her. But she loves to dance.

Her current favorite movie is Annie (1982) and she loves singing the songs and dancing with the music. She's got most of the words down really well and just really enjoys it. Sheryl found a school close to us that Kinsey could go to and so after buying a unitard and skirt and tights and ballet shoes and tap shoes (!), Kinsey started.

I called Sheryl during the middle of it and asked how she was doing and she said, "She's sitting to the side, by herself." Immediate thought: "Oh no. She hates it. Great, what now?" I've really got to fight against those thoughts. I keep forgetting that Kinsey is just 5 and she's just getting into things and that she really, really has to get used to something or someone, before she feels comfortable with it. I also learned later that she sat to the side during tap time, because the music hurt her ears. But when the ballet time started up, she jumped up, ran over to the teacher and the other girls and just got so into it. She came home and didn't want to take any of her dancing clothes off and spent the rest of the evening leaping and prancing.

I love my little girl.


I had my very first fantasy football draft last night. I've been inaugurated. Here's who I have.

Jake Delhomme QB - Car (Seemed like a safe QB pick)
Marvin Harrison WR - Indy (Didn't get Peyton, but I got the recipient of most of the receptions)
T.J. Houshmandzadeh WR - Cincy (Looked like a good pick, before I knew he'd bruised his heel in the game last night)
Derrick Mason WR - Balt (Hated picking a Raven, but I know he and McNair have great chemistry together. I expect him to get a lot of catches.)
Willie Parker RB - Pitts (Big surprise last year, and with Bettis gone now, I expect him to get more goal line carries too. My first pick in the draft - I was #9 out 10)
Julius Jones RB - Dallas (Parcells is a big running coach. I expect a lot out of Jones)
Todd Heap TE - Balt (So freaking hard to pick two (!) Ravens and no Titans, but I know how McNair likes to work. Heap was good without McNair. He'll be better with him)
Vernon Davis TE - SF (Huge upside and Alex Smith will need an outlet. Drafted as W/T)
Brandon Stokely WR - Indy (Might as well have another Peyton target in the holster. Drafted as W/R)
Antwaan Randle-El WR - Wash Bench (Huge clutch guy in Pittsburgh last year. Don't know how he'll do in Washington, so he starts on the bench.)
Marc Bulger QB - Stl Bench (Actually the first QB I drafted for some reason, but I'm not sure how he'll really do, so to the bench he goes.)
Jerious Norwood RB - Atl Bench (The TJ Duckett trade to Washington opens up some good possibilities for him, but I'm not completely sold on him yet. He looked really good against the Titans, but so did Damien Nash for Denver. I did want him on my team, so to the bench he goes for now.)
Duce Staley RB - Pitt Bench (I'm sure this was a wasted pick. I'm just sure it was.)
Christian Fauria TE - Wash Bench (No idea who this really is, but I think I picked him because my two TE both have the same bye week.)

Jason Elam K - Denver (Mile High air. Big leg. Really didn't think about any other kicker)
Carolina Defense D - Caro (Chicago and Carolina looked good. Someone else got Chicago)
Baltimore Defense D - Balt Bench (I hate Baltimore so much; why did I pick their defense? Well, they're not the defense from 5 years ago, but they're still strong.)

So anyway, there's my team, the Nonviolent Resistors. I predict finishing in the middle of the pack, but I'm looking forward to it.

And by the way, Adam Ellis and Matt Wilson are in Nashville for graduate school and staying at my house. So far, no Xbox has been played yet. That's my only disappointment. At least the conversation is good.


Anonymous said...

Not a bad draft for picking next to last. I had a 12 team draft, which is so hard since the league just doesn't have that many players. You end up with a third string receiver or running back on your team who won't do anything.

Here's my theory on defenses though...I'm just going to pick up off of waivers whichever team is playing the Titans as that will probably be their best defensive showing of the year.

scott said...

For your first draft that was outstanding. I think you might be a little weak at RB though.

Phil said...

Maybe, Scott. But considering where I drafted, I think I ended up with a solid stable.

scott said...


Matt Wilson said...

the glory of my skills on halo will come to apperance very soon my friend...

Clarissa said...

Uh -- are you planning on a defense-only team?

You would love irony.

Ciao, Signor Wilson!

fabricsnob said...

careful who hears about the dancing. Someone (Les or Tiff) might send Kinsey home with Disney's High School Musical!

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