Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Space and Rocket Center

One of the things we did before Kinsey started school was do a little day trip down to the Space and Rocket Center down in Huntsville. I used to go down there for field trips all the time and was just fascinated by space and travelling through space (A huge shock, I know). It was one of those things that I really hoped she'd like it a little bit, but she ended up loving it.

We did an IMAX movie first and she got to see what walking on the moon would have been like, so everything we saw after that was just very exciting to her. She loved how big the rockets were and all of the stuff to see. We also ended up being able to have dinner with the Cox's as well which was very nice. It was a really great day to have before school started.

Pictures someday if Blogger ever lets me do it.


That Girl said...

I love the Space and Rocket Center! I hope that in heaven I can be Deanna Troi and take a trip on the Enterprise... that probably won't happen, will it?

Phil said...

"Joy. And Grah-titood."

My thing about Deanna was that she always stated the completely obvious. "He's lying, Captain." "He's hiding something." Oh well. I always wanted to be Riker myself.

Tony Arnold said...

Society may have determined that Shakespeare is the standard for an educated man...but there is an engineer lurking in there somewhere Phil.

Space center, Star Trek...you may just end up living vicariously through your daughter when she becomes an engineer.

Don't worry if none of you have a clue to what I am talking about, Phil does. :-)

belinda said...

just happened across your blog . . . I work at NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL. One of my greatest thrills was being an honoree at the return to flight launch in July 2005! Made me so proud of what I do!

Melissa Royster said...

So Phil, did you ride the space shot? :) We live in Huntsville and my kiddos go to school with Clarissa's. Just wondering if you were able to stomach the simulated blast in to space!

Anonymous said...

Where can i find a listing or a diagram listing all the rockets, planes and missles on display outside at the Rocket Center. For some reason, i can't seem to find such a thing on the web site (either nasa.gov or spacecamp.com). Thanks!

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