Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pictures and Consequences

Consequences first.

I mentioned last week that Kinsey has been acting out of sorts with attitude and tone of voice, so Sheryl and I decided we'd had enough of it and enact consequences. We took our usual Friday night trip of dinner, then Target and Kinsey wasn't the worst she's ever been (that was two years ago), but bad enough that Sheryl and I put the consequences into action. No TV or movies the next day and no going swimming or out if asked. And if her behavior didn't improve, then the same thing the next day.

Now, when I'm talking about behavior, I'm talking about attitude and I'm talking about listening and doing what we tell her to do, when we tell her to do it.

Saturday was a better day, but there were enough incidents that Sheryl and I decided that we didn't need to allow her to have her privileges back. Sunday, she was just about perfect. Polite, kind, sweet, just a joy to be around. One other thing that Sheryl and I have been doing is to get her in bed earlier than we had been, especially in preparation for school. We think her getting a good strong night's sleep is the key to about everything. She was great yesterday as well and I hope she's realizing how we expect her to act, especially in preparation for school.

At any rate, that's been that. Here are some pictures to enjoy as well.

Starting to smile

I'm not sure who's happier.

I think the sideways smile is genetic.

Hmmm... my legs are warm, but my arms are cold. How is that happening.

I know who's happier here.

"Oh Praise the Lord!" Actually, that's just how he sleeps.

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Malia said...

Kinsey looks just like Sheryl in that picture and so grown up!

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