Monday, August 28, 2006

Final Kingdom Class

I've posted the final Kingdom class at It's called Kingdom Opportunities.

I've long felt that classes that end without actual real world application are good theologically, but if the mission of God calls us to action, then our theology should as well. I asked Doug Sanders, Otter Creek's Director of Ministries to speak. Doug tells the story of him coming from being the Vice President of Ice Cream to becoming OC's Director of Ministries and the heart for the poverty stricken and disenfranchised that God is fostering within him. If you read Brandon's blog from Saturday and weren't too distracted by some of the wording images that he's already edited out, you see that he talks about visitng a woman in Nashville basically living in third world conditions. That kind of work has been going on at OC a lot in the past, and some currently, but there's a fervor for it that's developing in large part because of Doug's passion for it. If that interests you, listen to Doug's story.

At any rate, that finishes the class. I've really enjoyed teaching it and learning and discussing and thinking with those of you who actually attended the class. I hope it encouraged you to help bring about the Kingdom of God in your circles of influence.

Have a great week.

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Justin said...

I've driven through many poor areas of nashville, and I've yet to see anything like the poverty that I've seen in Memphis. And even in Memphis, there's nothing like the poverty I saw in the Philippines. I think its possible that we throw around "third world" a little too loosely. Third world is a tin shanty, no running water or electriciy, one set of "clothes".... and while there is poverty in Nashville, and definitely in Memphis, I think its important to realize that the poor in our country are wealthy compared to the vast majority of the world.

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