Monday, August 14, 2006



Tomorrow you start at least 17 years worth of daily schooling. This is tough because your mom and I are understanding that from now on, someone else will be the person you spend the most continous waking hours with. We pray that you are not unduly influence by others, but influence them. We pray that you learn to love learning and not dread it.

We know there will be hard days, broken hearts, and things that we can't remember or imagine. There will be late nights helping with projects and homework. Early mornings rushing to school. Late afternoons for sports and meetings. Your mind will be opened, your experiences expanded, and friends you can't imagine.

We love you and we hope you have fun.


Mommy and Daddy

(Click here for the story of the first day and pictures.)

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Malia said...

Our day went pretty well, how 'bout y'all?

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